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DULCODOS Hydrazin batching and metering systems are used for manual batching and automatic metering of diluted hydrazine solutions. And, of course, they also comply with all environmental and safety requirements.

Corrosion is the last thing you need with the majority of applications. That is why hydrazine protects.

Hydrazine acts as an oxygen binding agent, is volatile in steam and prevents corrosion. As it is carcinogenic, the dispensing and metering systems need to be gas-tight so that no hydrazine vapours can escape. Our systems comply with these requirements.

  • Gas-tight design
  • Precise metering
  • Protects the environment

Field of application

  • Steam circuits
  • Power plants

Hydrazine is used as an oxygen binding agent in the process water sector, predominantly with steam generation. It is a carcinogenic agent and special care is therefore needed when handling it.

It therefore has to be ensured that the activation threshold for hydrazine is not exceeded with correct and proper use of closed and gas-tight systems.


Ready-to-use assembled metering system essentially consisting of:

  • Gas-tight chemical tank made of PE with a litre scale, with lockable screw lid and manual stirrer
  • Each with a dispensing and metering pump with suction assembly, level switch, as well as complete rigid PVC pipework with two ball valves, the measuring tank and activated charcoal filter


  • 5 m metering line 8/12 mm Ø and stainless steel metering valve 8 mm Ø/1/2'
  • Electrical connection 230 V ±10%, 50…60 Hz

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