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The Dura-Cast Custom Rotomolding Design and Prototype Team is comprised of our quality assurance manager, product concept designer, mold fabrication manager, production manager, and sales manager. They are organized to work with customers on product concept designs and to convert them into high quality rotomolded plastic products. The Custom Rotomolding Team represents many decades of quality assurance, conceptual product design, mold design, mold fabrication, rotomold manufacturing, finishing, and business expertise. The latest technologies are used to create models, shorten the customer approval process, manage the rotomolding process, produce accurate finished products, and ensure the quality of products through sophisticated testing and measurements.

Quality Control
Custom Rotomolding Quality Control starts the process and ends the process. Measurable quality control metrics are incorporated into the design at the first meeting. They continue to be applied and refined at each step throughout the process. Who will use a product? How will it be used? What it should look like? These are all integral components of a quality control methodology. By participating in all aspects of the product concept design and prototyping process, quality control can refine the standards of measurement required to evaluate a product before it’s declared to be of good quality and able to be released for shipment. This ensures that only products that meet or exceed the quality control standards are shipped.

Product Concept Design
The Custom Rotomolding product concept designer creates one or more 3-D models of a product based upon the initial discussions. The model is then provided to the customer for input or approval. This back and forth process continues until the customer approves the design. The customer-approved 3-D model then directly feeds a CNC router that will produce a wooden pattern, which will be used to cast an aluminum mold. If the molds are to be fabricated from stainless steel, then the 3-D model is used to produce a complete set of CAD drawings. Our designer can also run a Finite Element Analysis on the 3-D model to electronically prototype a product and predict its stresses and distortions. Electronic prototyping is a mainstream process that eliminates the costly prototypes and lengthy prototyping periods associated with physically producing prototypes associated with Custom Rotomolding.

Mold Fabrication
Dura-Cast employs the finest mold technicians located in the southeast. The mold manager leads the Dura-Cast mold fabrication team that is renown throughout the area because of their attention to detail and the high quality molds that are produced. The quality of a mold determines the quality of the product that it produces. If you don’t have the best quality mold, then your product can never be the best quality. Our mold fabrication team will produce the finest quality mold that your application demands. If you’re adventuresome and want to build your own mold, inquire about our CB Mold Start-Up Program.

There are many variables inherent in the Custom Rotomolding process. Any one of these variables can affect the quality of a finished product. A quality product can only be consistently produced by applying many years of experience to the process. The Dura-Cast manufacturing team works together to apply the best resources available to manufacture a product. Well trained machine operators will be assigned based upon their knowledge and experience with a particular process. This ensures that your products are produced using the best resources available. The result is the highest quality product possible.

Product finishing is required on most products. Finishing can include parting line clean-up, surface polishing, cutting, assembling, installing additional components, post manufacture graphics, stenciling, and welding to name a few. The Dura-Cast 5-axis computer controlled router and water jet cutter provide accurate finishing and cutting capabilities, when intricate shapes and contours cannot be achieved with standard tools and fixtures. After product finishing, wrapping, packaging, and palletizing procedures are performed, products are ready for shipment.

Packaging & Shipping
The product specifications are not complete until decisions are made regarding product packaging and shipping. It is very important to define how the product will be packaged and shipped. Fragile Custom Rotomolding products or products that are to be sold directly to the consumer market must be protected. Unassembled components must be accounted for, packaged, and shipped so that they are received with the product and not lost or misplaced during shipping. Some products are packaged so that they can be shipped directly to resellers without further handling by our customer. Best methods of shipping are routinely investigated so that customers receive their products on-time, at the lowest cost, and in excellent condition; rest assured, Dura-Cast delivers high quality Custom Rotomolding products on-budget and on-time.

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