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In keeping with our tradition of innovation, we are proud to introduce DuraMax Chain Products into the Amwell line of products. DuraMax Cast Stainless Steels Chains are specially designed for use in heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty, severe-duty and extreme-duty process equipment that demand strength, load carry capacity, and abrasion resistance of metal chains, but where reduced maintenance and maximum service life are needed and desired.


DuraMax chains are manufactured from tool-grade stainless steel and heat-treated stainless steel alloys to provide maximum strength and resistance to all typical chain wear patterns. This includes corrosion-erosion, corrosion-abrasion and excessive elongation. DuraMax Chains will outlast and outperform any plastic, cast steel, fabricated steel, or fabricated stainless steel chain in any approved application by a factor of 2:1 or more.

DuraMax Chains and Sprockets are designed to provide 20+ years of reliable, continuous-duty service without repair or replacement. Routine life-cycle maintenance costs are substantially less than any other chain and sprocket system. When evaluated over a 20-year design cycle, DuraMax Chains and Sprockets provide the greatest value and the lowest life-cycle cost compared to all other cast and fabricated metal (and many plastic) chain and sprocket systems.

DuraMax Chains also make perfect environmental and economic sense: They improve equipment effectiveness and reduce parts inventory. At the end of their service life, the high-grade stainless steel alloys will have a significant recycle value, maximizing the return on investment.

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