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Dust And Odor Abatement System


Emissions of dust and gaseous compounds in farming, have a significant impact on the environment and in particular involving acidification and eutrophication due to emissions of nitrogen oxides and ammonia, also contribute to the greenhouse effect for the emission of nitrous oxide and methane. The farms must meet the discharge limits for substances in the atmosphere for dust and gas. We offer a technique for the abatement of dust and odors in which the air exchange is provided by electric extractors installed on the back wall of the sheds. The air exchange occurs in minutes. To reduce dust in, the air is extracted using a system of filtration and washing.

warehouse size:

  • Length 100 meters
  • Width 12 meters
  • Height 6 meters to the top

The air exchange is achieved by 8 extractors installed at the bottom, on the back wall of the shed.

Each extractor has a capacity of 660 cubic meters / minute.

The extractor can operate independently.

When all the extractors are running simultaneously, the air flow is 5280 cubic meters / minute.

Front of the extractors is made of a metallic structure anchored to the building and resting on the ground, with dimensions: 12m x 3m, 3m height.
On the four walls is appropriately set a double synthetic fiber canvas, leaving an opening at the bottom of the wall opposite the extractors of 1m x 12m, from which the air comes out clean.
Inside the structure (box) is added to a filter kept wet with water sprayed from a nozzle. Water is metered, by the metering pump, a specific product for the elimination of odors. The air containing dust, passing through the wet filter, purify it before going out, and powders are dragged from the water that leaks in the wall ball.

A system similar to that described above is currently in operation, with good results, in a shed for poultry farm.

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