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The highly concentrated, yet low viscosity and environmentally friendly form of Dust Stop® Liquid Concentrate provides a superior dust control product that is very easy to mix and apply. The product penetrates even the hardest compacted materials and is able to withstand even the heaviest weights found in mine haul road environments around the world. Dust Stop® Liquid Concentrate has extremely long lasting results in many applications that exhibit high amounts of traffic, even longer on tailings pile and stock pile dust and erosion control applications. The highly concentrated formula of the product also means that Dust Stop® Liquid Concentrate is able to be mixed with several parts water prior to its application, reducing expensive shipping costs. The versatility of the product relies heavily on the highly flexible film that it forms, this enables it to bend, without cracking, even with heavy industrial type traffic loads travelling on the treated roads.

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is mixed with water prior to its application. Once the product is mixed with water, it will not separate, so Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate can be pre-mixed at a central location prior to its application and then transported to the application site. Because there is no viscosity build with the product, Dust Stop liquid Concentrate can be applied with virtually any water truck or spraying tank. Once the product sets up on the road or soil, it produces a hard, dust free barrier that provides an excellent running surface. One feature about Dust Stop Liquid concentrate that customers like the most is that the product becomes insoluble once it cures on the road, so it provides extremely long lasting dust control results, even in wet weather, and will not run-off in the rain.

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate will maintain the natural look of the road once it cures as it will dry fully transparent, most customers do not even know that a dust control product has been applied until they see the lack of dust! The application rates can be custom tailored by altering the dilution rate of the product to meet the needs of any specific dust control or erosion control project. Heavier applications of Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate will not only yield long term dust control results, but will provide some soil stabilization properties as well. Because the product is non-corrosive, it will not harm the vehicles using treated roads or the equipment used to apply it.

  • Environmentally friendly alternative for dust control on heavily trafficked roads.
  • Long lasting, high tensile strength of cured film allows for durability even with higher volumes / weights of traffic.
  • Reduced road maintenance – minimizes the loss of fines and the need for re-sheeting.
  • Saves huge volumes of water for mining and other industrial clients that use water only, as a form of dust suppression.
  • Easy to apply and non-corrosive, so it will not damage water trucks or other road maintenance equipment, such as graders.
  • Surfactants in DSLC allow it to penetrate harder packed soils, which yields longer lasting results.
  • Increases CBR (California Bearing Ratio) of the treated road, resulting in a more stable running surface.
  • Reduces Rolling Resistance on mine haul roads, providing roads that allow for better fuel efficiency of the haul trucks that are operating on them.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications including haul roads, secondary roads, stock piles, tailings piles, rail cars, and other erosion control applications.
  • Dust Stop is mixed with water and applied topically to the road or soil, or lightly mixed into the top few inches for longer lasting results and more road stability. Once the film dries on the road it provides lasting dust control results by binding all the soil materials together. Learn more about Dust Stop’s uses and the application process here.

Dust Stop® products offer highly effective road dust suppression that can provide a variety of other dust control and erosion control application uses.

Dust Stop® products can be used for the following purposes:

  • Secondary Road Dust Control
  • Municipal Road Dust Control
  • Haul Road Dust Suppression and stabilization
  • Feeder Roads
  • Logging Roads
  • Construction Sites
  • Parking Lots
  • Erosion Control of any soil type
  • Stockpile Dust Control
  • Tailings Pile Dust Control
  • Runways and Helipads
  • Hydro seeding
  • Horse Arenas

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