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- Pug Mill Continuous Mixing Systems


For over 30 years, DustMASTER Enviro Systems has been providing dust and waste solutions for customers in a range of industries. Our powerful pug mill continuous mixing systems offer cost effective mixing for wet or dry materials. The dual shafts in this system operate independently, with a separate motor, v belt, and gear reducer composition for sequential starting. The bolt-on paddle tips are composed of abrasion resistant chrome cast steel, able to thoroughly process granular and heavy materials such as stone. We offer a variety of pug mill models including the 50P, 125P, 250P, and 400P with available capacities ranging from 50 to 400 tons per hour, and motor output ranges of 10 to 30 hp.

For customers with existing pug mill systems and evolving process needs, we are able to convert current production over to the modern and proven results of pan style batch system methods. This cost effective replacement strategy is available for all levels of dust and waste management needs.

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