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- Model NS - De-Dusting Oil


De-dusting oil for Direct, Acid, Reactive – (V.S. base), Metal complex, disperse dyes. Because of lower surface tension, higher flash point and balanced HLB gives maximum efficient de-dusting effect on finer particles to co-aggulated which does not allow finer particles which are born at the time of un-loading the dyes in to dye – bath or at the time of packing & repacking.

Chemical Specification

(1)      Physical Appearance            :-       Light  Yellow.

(2)      pH                                   :-       7.5

(3)      Ionic Nature                      :-       Non ionic / Anionic .

(4)      Specific Gravity                  :-       0.8611

(5)      Surface Tension of             :-       34.71            32.56

1% Solution            

(6)      Viscosity                           :-       With 4 D Cup. - 22 sec.

(7)      Flash Point                        :-       1900 C

(8)      Solubility in Water               :-       Form emulsion.

(9)      Stability in water                :-       Emulsion is stable for more then 72                                                                    Hours.

(10)    Dyeing condition                 :–       for 60 Minute.

(i)           Temp. Stability:-       Stable up to 1300 C .

(ii)          At 4.5 pH       :-       Stable.

(iii)         At 11 pH        :-       Stable.

(iv)         Filtration test  :-       No residue.

(2/4 No. Filter Paper)



The product can not be used for Mono-Chloro Triazynyl and Dichloro Triazynyl type of reactive dyes because it has a free – OH group which is condense with active chloro group of reactive dyes hence the dyes shows reduction in strength on storage.

Dosage:–       10 gm to 20 gm per Kg of Finish Dyes.

Method of Application:- In Blender Operation.

Precaution:- Do not use for Basic Dyes, Oil Soluble Dye, Solvent Dyes and Pigments.

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