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- Model WS APEO - Water-Soluble De-Dusting Oil


Water-soluble de-dusting oil for Direct, Acid, Reactive, Metal Complex, vat and Disperse Dyes. Because of lower surface tension and high wetting & agglomerating properties with high flash point gives maximum effect of de-dusting on fine and micro dispersed particles which are air born at the time of unloading the dye in to dye bath or at the time of packing & repacking.

  • Physical Appearance :- Yellowish Liquid
  • pH :- 7.1 + 1
  • Ionic Nature :- Anionic
  • Specific Gravity :- 1.0531
  • Surface Tension of :- 35.12
  • 1% Solution
  • Viscosity :- With 4 D Cup. 62 sec.
  • Flash Point :- > 3000 c
  • Solubility in Water :- water soluble.
  • Stability in water :- Stable in hard water
  • Dyeing condition - for 60 Minute
    • (i) Temp. Stability :- Up to 1300c
    • (ii) At 4.5 pH :- Stable
    • (iii) At 11 pH :- Stable
    • (iv) Filtration test :- No residue
    • (2/4 No. Filter Paper)


Application: It can be used in any water-soluble dyes. Product does not have free – OH group, so no harm to use in Mono-chloro and Dichloro triazynyl type of reactive dyes. No strength lose of the dyes on prolong storage.

Dosage:- 10 – 20 Gms per Kg of Finish Dyes

Method of Application:- DUSTRON WS can be used in both blender & spray dryer type of application, because of higher flash point.

Precaution:- Do not use for Basic Dyes, Oil Soluble Dye, Solvent Dyes and Pigments.

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