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DUV-xA-D Series


The DUV XA-D series are the product of choice for small- and mid-sized industrial and municipal wastewater and re-use water applications with capacities from 5 to 1200 m3/hr per unit. The UV disinfection projects for waste water and re-use applications in general have water quality parameters which result in relative low UV-c transmission of the water. The LIT DUV-xA-D system design enables optimum UV intensity distribution in the UV reactor, to assure efficient disinfection performance in accordance with the application characteristic low UV transmission.

The DUV xA-D series are developed for industrial and municipal applications in water disinfection both for discharge in surface water bodies and re-use of the treated water. Micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses are optimal inactivated by absorption of UV wavelengths around 260 nm. The LIT DUV xA-D series units utilize high power, high intensity amalgam UV-c lamps, which produce radiation at a wavelength of 254 nm. All components are integrated in compact stainless steel housing and have a separate control cabinet.

  • Fast and reliable disinfection
  • No by-product formation
  • Powerful UV lamps with an operating lifetime of more than 12000 hours
  • Sophisticated automatic lamp and UV dose control system
  • Capability to treat wastewater under pressure
  • Versatile design capabilities to increase flow capacity
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance
  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Compactness at high capacity

DUV xA-D units ensure a high UV intensity distribution in a wide range of water transmission values. The minimal dose for effective disinfection is maintained throughout the lamp's life including compensation for lamp aging and quartz sleeve fouling.

All DUV xA-D units are equipped with state of the art, industrially manufactured high intensity amalgam lamps with long service life (up to 12 000 hours of continuous operation). The lamps, which have three times more UV intensity than conventional mercury low-pressure versions, were especially developed by LIT for water disinfection. The UV intensity output is maintained constantly over the operational life of the UV lamp and therefore guarantees effective disinfection. The applied UV lamps enable the UV system to be equipped with an energy saving UV dose regulation system.

The control System continuously monitors the UV intensity inside the UV reactor and the operational status of each individual UV lamp including elapsed operating time. All operating data are displayed on the LCD panel. The control system enclosure protection rate is IP55.

The LIT DUV xA-D units can be equipped with chemical and/or mechanical cleaning systems. Organic and inorganic deposits are prevented to accumulate on the lamp protective quartz sleeves. Both concepts provide in-situ cleaning, without having to move the UV-lamp-modules from the reactor. The Mechanical cleaning can be operated automatically at an application specific frequency, without interrupting the disinfection process.

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