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- Model POE - Sentinel Series Water Processor



The Sentinel series of water treatment equipment provides the most cost efficient method of producing safe premium grade ultra-pure water in large volumes while simultaneously retaining the beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.  The Sentinel process incorporates a patented mixed media bed certified in compliance with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards.

SAVINGS: Reduced Operating Costs!

The Dyna-Pro Sentinel filtration system is self-regenerating, eliminating the need for replaceable cartridge-type filters.  This results in huge savings on both the cost of filters and the labour required to replace them.  This point of entry system can improve the operation and reduce operating costs of your water consuming appliances.

SECURITY: C.F.I.A. Compliant!

The following excerpt was included in a recent bulletin* from the Canadian food Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A.) to all institutions holding food processing permits.  It places responsibility for liability squarely on the shoulders of the producer and away from the supply utility:

'...The food industry must take all possible measures to ensure the safety of water used for food production and processing...Expectations for industry action... Industry must have a system in place to ensure that they are continuously using safe/potable water in food production and processing.  The bottom lline is to ensure safe water at all times... Industry is ultimately responsible for safe food.'

Sentinel water purification system is custom made to your individual store's supply water condition and configured to ensure your business full C.F.I.A. compliance, so you will not have to close your food prep area in the event of a boil order!

UNIFORMITY: Consistent Flavour!

Great tasting beverages begin with great tasting water!! Great tasting water begins with dyna-Pro's P.O.E. Sentinel Water Treatment Equipment.  Just think about it!  Water is the primary ingredient in all your beverage products:

Coffee 98% water                                 Slush 98% water                       Cappuccino 98% water                Soup 90% water

Premium safe quality ultra-pure water means consistently great tasting beverages that encourage a loyal and increased customer base.

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