- Sap Flow Sensor



The Dynagage Sap Flow Sensors are the latest technology for measuring the sap flow, and thus the water consumption of plants. These energy balance sensors measure the amount of heat carried by the sap which is converted into Real-Time sap flow in grams or kilograms per hour. The sensors are non-intrusive and not harmful since the plants are heated up 1°C to 5°C typically.

The principles of heat balance sensors are scientifically proven and references exist for most major crops and many tree species. Unlike other methods, Dynagages require no calibration since sap flux is directly determined by the energy balance and rates of heat convection by the sap flow.

The need for this new technology is great because it is an affordable and practical way to measure the water use by plants of agricultural, economic and ecological importance. Plants in greenhouses, nurseries or natural environments can be measured with the same ease. Dynamax introduced the first sap flow sensor prototypes in 1988 and today offers a full range of sensors from 2mm up to 125mm.

  • Direct transpiration measurement
  • Strap-on sensor collar
  • Non-invasive and flexible
  • Constant heat-energy balance
  • Real-time monitoring and recording
  • 1 year warranty

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