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- Model CH6025 - Biomass Chippers



The CH6025 is rugged and powerful, a whole tree chipper with a distinct mechanical advantage - a patented drum design. Dynamic's exclusive Cone Drum Technology slices chips using less energy per cut, 30% to 40% less energy than traditional 'flat faced' drums found in every other drum chipper.

A wide 34' by 22' high actual cutting space gobbles large amounts of limbs and tops to be chipped quickly for high production - keeping your trucks rolling and getting the loader back to roundwood quickly. Remote grease zerts and bolt-in replaceable wear surfaces ease service, reducing maintenance time and maximizing uptime.

Triple feedwheels funnel disorderly limbs & tops into cutting chamber, minimizing loader operators time and attention devoted to feeding

You need a long life, low maintenance and high uptime biomass chipper. Solid construction and fast, easy maintenance translate to uptime and longevity that supports your bottom line!

Cutting Edge Chipping Technology

  • Advanced design – unmatched cutting efficiency
  • Exclusive ‘ConeHead’ 8 knife drum – slicing action requires less energy
  • Superior chip quality & consistency, fewer & shorter ‘spears’
  • Super strong Cone Drum – guaranteed not to self destruct

The Dynamic Advantage

Field tests and customer results show Cone Drum chipping 30%-40% more efficient than conventional flat-faced drums, processing more chips per fuel gallon.


  • 10” L x 7’3” W (3m x 2.21m), 3 infeed chains, WDH102 built-up drive links
  • 2 vertical feedwheels 16” (42cm) dia x 30” L (76cm), hydraulic drive
  • 1 horiz feedwheel 22” (56cm) dia x 32.5” (83cm) L, ballasted, spring down pressure and hydraulic down pressure assist, hydraulic drive
  • Bed is bolt-in for quick replacement when worn
  • Throat bottom & sides bolt-in for fast replacement

Drum & Chamber

  • Cone drum directs chips to end of drum; more chips are thrown by large paddles on end of drum instead of knives.  Packs 1 more ton into vans than flat faced drums.
  • 8 knives in pockets, pockets are integral to internal drum structure
  • Drum shaft 5” dia, fully machined, superior strength alloy
  • Bottom pans bolt-in - fast replacement when needed
  • Hinged pan assembly - swings down for easy access
  • Lower half of chamber sides bolt-in, fast change


  • Four-way chute tip directs chips hydraulically
  • Low profile maximizes chip velocity and minimizes wear
  • Chute wear surfaces bolt-in, including entire chute top

Power Train

  • Cummins QSX 15L Tier3 520hp diesel, standard
  • Microprocessor controlled hydraulic clutch in oil, standard
  • 8V sheaves, 3 four banded belts
  • Full function remote control. standard
  • Autofeed with adjustable settings, standard

Warranty Description

  • Five year drum warranty against defects in materials & workmanship
  • One year machine warranty
  • Full Engine Manufacturer Warranty
  • See dealer for written Warranty

Machine Dimensions

  • Length:  30’ 6” (9.3 m)
  • Width:  9’ 4” (2.845 m)
  • Height:  10” 10” H (3.3 m)
  • 31,500 lb (14.28 mt)

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