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The ACME Dynamics, Inc. model AP75 is the smallest of the DYNAPRIME All Purpose model pumps. Weighing less than 330 lbs., the 3' AP75 is a tough cast iron centrifugal pump powered by a Lister/Petter model AD1, air-cooled diesel engine, complete with built in fuel tank and mounted on a site trailer with detachable handles. Available in your choice of colors. The AP 75 is available with a choice of impellers. The pump can be reconfigured to handle high heads, high flows, or large solids by quickly changing the pump internals. The sliding vane vacuum pump enables the pump to prime and re-prime from a dry condition without the need of priming liquid. Shaft sealing is accomplished by using a semi-mechanical, spring loaded pressure seal that can quickly be changed on site in minutes.

  • 6 CFM oil flood lubricated .sliding vane type vacuum pump
  • Quick priming and re-priming down to 30 ft. vertical
  • Continuous with mechanical and pressure differential control

  • Impeller: 2 Wade, semi-open style, nodular iron, ASTM A536-84, grade 65-45-12
  • Shaft: high strength steel, ASTM A108, 1035
  • Front wear plate: nodular iron, ASTM A536-84. grade 65-45-12
  • Non-return check valve: Polyurethane ball seating against a replaceable / reversible stainless steel seat

  • Semi-Mechanical design
  • Run dry performance
  • Single round PTFE impregnated packing
  • Chrome oxide coated stainless steel wear ring
  • Spring loaded, self-adjusting, self-lubricating
  • Field replaceable within minutes Maintenance-free, long life
  • Optional run dry mechanical seal available

  • Chassis: 3.7 gallon integrated fuel cell
  • Single point lifting
  • 2 wheels with solid tires
  • Diameter - 13' Height, 2¾' Width Minimum ground clearance: 6'
  • Optional Highway trailer available

  • Variable Speed: 1.000 - 3,000 RPM
  • Normal Operating Speed: 2,500 RPM (3.000 RPM high head)
  • Fuel lift pump
  • Oil filter

  • Max Head: 95 ft.
  • Max Flow: 330 GPM
  • Max Solids  1.1 inches
  • Air Handling  6 CFM

  • Suclion - 3' BSP Female thread
  • Discharge - 3' BSP Female thread

  • Length: 46'
  • Width: 25'
  • Height: 33'
  • Gross Weight: (full fuel tank): 352 lbs.'
  • Gross Weight: (empty fuel tank): 315 lbs.

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