Dynotek Fluid Data Management

- Deep Well Fluid Level Testing System



The Dyno Winch is a field ready system engineered to provide safe and reliable deployment and recovery of downhole measurement devices for pump control or well testing in deep environments. The system is recommended for use in conjunction with the submersible Dynotek Slimline and other downhole sensors using Dynotek stainless steel cable or other rugged cable systems in wells up to 10,000 ft deep. Each system is set up for the particular use it will be put to, including parameters such as speed of insertion and recovery, depth, pull strength, pressure relief, mounting configuration and other requirements.

  • Variable speed, torque-controlled hydraulic winch
  • Can handle up to 10,000 ft of double armored stainless steel cable
  • Used in conjunction with high quality Dynotek stainless steel pressure transducers and cable.

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