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E-Fiber Glass Woven Filter Fabric and Filter Bag



Suita brand fiber glass woven filter cloth adopt high quality E-fiber glass and C-fiber glass which are widely used in many high temperature circumsstances for dust collection when after some special finish treatment. With a stable dimension, water repelled, easy cake release property, fiber glass filter cloth widely used in the bag filter systems to recycle the valueable industrial products, as well as reduce the air pollution.

Parameter of the fiber glass woven filter cloth we provide
Weight: 350~900 g/m2
Thickness: 0.3~0.9mm
Air permeability: can be customize.
Operating temperature: 280℃ Instant:300℃

Finish: teflon pregnant or membrane, graphite treatment, silicon treatment, water repelled treatment. Can be customized according to clients requirements.

Application: Widely used in industry of carbon black, steel and non-ferrous metal processing, cement industry, chemical plant, power plant, etc, for dust collection, air filtration, it's the ideal filter material for LFSF.

The property of the fiber glass with PTFE membrane finished.

1.High filter efficiency: the emission can reduce to 30mg/Nm3; even can reduce to 5mg/Nm3 if needed.
2.With a lower filtration resistance: the filter resistance can down much when compared with non-membrane one. Such as the super refine carbon black producing, if use the normal fiber glass filter bags which the filter resistance will up to 3400Pa and the producing will hard to continuous, while the fiber glass with PTFE membrane the filter resistance just about 700Pa.
3.Larger gas volume: adopt the fiber glass with PTFE membrane can rise the wind speed accordingly, so that will larger the gas volume.
4.With a long life: the fiber glass with PTFE membrane finished will with a smooth surface and easy cake release, so the air pressure for dust removal can reduce some and the dust removal period can longer some also, so as to longer the using life and can keep a good performance 2~3 years as usual.

1. steel plants (for purifing the gas from blast furnace, arc furnace, furnace of calcium carbide,etc.)
2. mechanical industies (for collection the fume and dust mainly from iron cupola,etc)
3. non-ferrous metal metallurgy (for collection the fume and dust such as from Zinc Fractionating tower,etc.)
4. cement plants (for collection the dust from the raw mills, verticle kiln, circumgyrate kiln, white cement kiln, dryer, cement grinding mills, etc)
5. building industries.(for collection the dust from the oil furnace method carbon black manufacturing,etc)
6. Chemicals processing (for collection the dust from the dryers and micronizers in TiO2 and pigment industries, etc.)
7. Power generation and incineration industries.

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