- Model LINE IPS - Linear LED lighting


E+ LINE IPS is a range of linear luminaires for illumination of indoor and some outdoor environments. By output luminous flux E TUBE luminaire replaces two T5 fluorescent tubes or three T8 fluorescent tubes of the same length. It is suitable for offices, schools, hallways, underground garages, industrial plants, refrigerators, restaurants and other similar spaces.

  • Considerably reduces consumption of electric energy
  • Color temperature: 4000K or 5000K
  • Recomended height is up to 6m
  • No warm up time, “instant on”
  • No UV emision
  • Resistant to voltage instability
  • WARRANTY: 5 years, or 22,000 working hours, at 25°C
  • IPS version: IPS (Integrated Power Supply)

  • IP protection: IP65 EN 60592:1991+A1:2000
  • Protection cover: PMMA
  • Power cable: Flexible, 4 - wire
  • Housing: Cast aluminium

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