CIC Photonics

Eagle Glass Cell



Gas purity. Gas monitoring. Electronic specialty gases. Exhaust and combustion gas monitoring. Moisture analysis. Semiconductor manufacturing and cleaning gases. Toxic / Corrosive gas analysis.

  • Heatable Long Path cells
  • Three sizes - fixed or variable pathlengths
    • 0.5m to 2.5m
    • 1m to 8m
    • 2.1m to 10.6m
  • Volumes
    • 0.19 l
    • 1.33 l
    • 2.6 l
  • Borosilicate glass body
  • Nickel plated aluminum and steel external components
  • Viton O rings
  • KBr, ZnSe, or CaF2 windows
  • Vacuum to 15 psi

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