EarthMaster -  a registered trademark of the Alamo Group Inc.

- Model SLR5 & SLR7 - Straight Line Ripper



This SLR (Straight Line Ripper) is designed with care and built with quality materials by skilled workers. Proper assembly, maintenance, and operating practices, as described in this manual, will help the owner/operator get years of satisfactory service from the machine.

The purpose of this manual is to familiarize, instruct, and train. The Safety Section is a MUST READ section priorto any use of this implement. The Assembly Section instructs the owner/operator in the correct assembly of the SLR using standard and optional equipment. Careful use and timely service saves extensive repairs and costly downtime losses. The Operation Section informs the owner/operator how to work the implement and explains proper procedures and safe practices priorto and during the operation of the SLR. The Maintenance Section instructs the owner/operator of all the necessary inspection, lubrication, and general maintenance needed to insure long life and trouble free operation of your SLR. The Parts Listing section is designed to familiarize the owner/operator with replaceable parts on the implement.Safety is of primary importance to the owner/operator and to the manufacturer. The first section of this manual includes a list of Safety Messages, that, if followed, will help protect the operator and bystanders from injury or death. Many of the Safety Messages will be repeated throughout the manual. The owner/operator/dealer should know these Safety Messages before assembly and be aware of the hazards of operating this implement during assembly, use, and maintenance. The Safety Alert Symbol combined with a Signal Word, as seen below, is intended to warn the owner/operator of impending hazards and the degree of possible injury faced when operating this machine.

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