My Eco Lamp, LLC

My Eco Lamp, LLC

EasyPak 8 Inch VaporShield Lamp Recycling Box


It’s more than just a box. Includes the streamlined VaporShield® container, shipping to a certified recycling center, recycling charges, and a certificate of recycling, all for one low fee!

  • Holds up to 15 T12, 30 T8, or 48 T5 8-foot straight fluorescent lamps.
  • Certified UN-compliant per 49 CFR-Packaging Group II and ISTA® Transit Tested Certified.
  • Each container comes with the 100% recyclable box tube and two end caps, instructions, and a pre-paid return shipping label.
  • Access exclusive online features including recycling reports, container tracking, and certificates of recycling through your online account.
  • Only sold in the United States. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, or Puerto Rico.
  • UN number: 4G / Y 15 / S / 12, USA / +BR 8640
  • Box dimensions: 8 ¾” x 4 ¾” x 95”

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