- Model BOD 200 - Automated BOD, CBOD and DO Analysis



The BOD-200 provides users with the capability to conduct BOD, CBOD and DO analysis. Analyze CBOD in conjunction with BOD to verify if non-compliant BOD results are due to nitrification and to obtain results more reflective of real effluent quality when under nitrifying conditions.

Biochemical oxygen demand, BOD, measures oxygen depletion which represents the breakdown of organic material by microorganisms.

Carbonaceous BOD, CBOD, measures oxygen depletion from the breakdown of organic material by microorganisms in which the contribution from nitrogenous bacteria has been suppressed.

The BOD-200 operates with an Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe, providing accurate and reproducible results. The Optical Probe requires no membrane maintenance or electrolyte re-filling and is characterized by its stable response, minimal drift and fewer single point-calibrations.

Full Process Automation provides unattended:

  • Automated Seed Addition
  • Automated Inhibitor Addition
  • Automated Sample Dilution
  • Automated Sample Homogenization
  • Automated Data Acquisition, Calculation and Storage

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