Eaton Filtration, LLC.

- Model DWF Series - Duplex Lubrication Oil Filters


The new DWF duplex lubrication oil filters are instrumental in protecting equipment while improving performance and reliability. The simiplified design carries the robustness of Eaton's full hydraulic and lubrication filtration line.

The DWF Duplex Filter:

  • Is suitable for all petroleum-based fluids, HW emulsions, most synthetic hydraulics fluids and lubrication oils
  • Offers a high dirt-holding capacity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Complete new PTFE sealing system on the swtchgear
  • Flow rate range: up to 396 gpm (1500 l/min) to 1585 gpm (6000 l/min)
  • Operating temperature range: 14-212° (-10 to 100°)
  • Operating pressure: 232 PSI (16 bar)

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