- Model PDV - Portable Dry Vacuum Pumps



Provides for a clean, reliable vacuum for today’s high tech manufacturing, semiconductor, thin film, photovoltaic, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. The PDV Series Dry Vacuum Pumps offers an oil free energy efficient solution for replacing scroll and oil pumps for clean applications. The PDV Series Dry Vacuum Pumps require no annual maintenance and offers a low cost of ownership and higher return on investment (ROI). The serial communication allows both remote monitoring and control to the PDV Series Dry Vacuum Pumps.

  • Oil Free - No hydrocarbon issue in the sys
  • Innovative frictionless design - No particulate generation
  • Low noise level - User friendly
  • Lowest ultimate pressure in its class - Best vacuum for money
  • Air cooled - No cooling water required
  • Non-contact rotor, no sealing exchange - Long-lasting until maintenance required
  • Highly reliable due to EBARA's experience - Long lifetime

  • Physical and chemical science
  • Electron microscopes
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Surface analysis
  • Leak detection systems
  • Backing pumps for turbo pumps
  • RGA
  • Load lock vacuum
  • etc.

Tell us your application and we will tell you if the PDV will work.

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