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EBT Eliminate-IT


EBT Eliminate-IT is a proprietary product that has been specifically formulated to eliminate hazardous petroleum hydrocarbons and petroleum by-products from car wash reclaim water. EBT Eliminate-IT is a combination of all-natural enzymes and bacteria which eliminates petroleum hydrocarbons. EBT Eliminate-IT must be used in conjunction with aeration. Enzyme only products are a hit and miss proposition (see Explaining Bacteria). The target objective is to control the water environment and not let it control you.

Algae ... it seems to be everywhere in the car wash environment. The reason that algae exists is that it is being fed and kept alive to reproduce by the food source in the water reclaim area. EBT Eliminate-IT competes with the algae for that food source. When the food source is gone, the algae cannot stay alive and slowly die.

With control, vigil and diligence, EBT Eliminate-IT will keep your cloth/brushes/reclaim and equipment free of unwanted odors and algae buildup, which in turn makes your customers happy.

EBT Eliminate-IT is a formulation of enzyme/bacteria that are in an encapsulated form contained within a water soluble packet. When dropped into the wash water reclaim area, the packet will dissolve, releasing the microbes to do their work. Control is the most important aspect of this procedure. One packet of EBT Eliminate-IT should be added to the wash water reclaim every 25 days. DO NOT ADD any other so called additives such as bleach or acids—these will kill the microbes.

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