ECO-ANT21 Corporation

- Turbo Blower


Turbo Blower is a device generating compressed air using an applied air bearing, impeller, high speed motor, inverter and controller connected to a robust centrifugal turbine located directly on a permanent magnet synchronous motor driven by the inverter.

Energy reduced 20~40% compared to existing products

  • Applied Air Bearing
  • Applied high efficiency motor and inverter
  • Direct connection : Minimizes mechanical loss

The Excellent Design

  • High efficiency impeller
  • High Speed Motor
  • Air Bearing

No oil, No vibration, Low noise

  • Low noise(under 85dB)
  • Oil Free lubrication system
  • Environment friendly/ Provides a clean operating environment

Easy Installation

  • No need for foundation construction
  • Compact size
  • Easy leveling operation

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