- Model Flexi-Grid - Soil Base Stabilization Rubber Tiles



Flexi-Grid base stabilization pavers begin with a grid-like structure, sometimes referred to as a 'checker board' system. Once this grid is installed, topsoil, sand and gravel can be added inside the grid to suit the desired purpose. This helps to prevent the turf or grass from settling and collapsing from underneath itself, while promoting filtration.

With planting of vegetation such as rye grass within the grid system the end product is a grass or turf covered pavement structure. The grid system protects the grass roots and reduces storm water runoff, resulting in a very durable grass pavement. This can be ideal for rooftop parks, high pedestrian traffic areas in parks, or a 'green' drive or walkway.

The perfect solution to keep high traffic areas level and dry.keep the grass growing! Manufactured from recycled tires, gives each tile the durability to withstand heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic, no matter the weather conditions. Flexi-Grid offers support and a constant level surface allowing optimum drainage.

  • Protects Grass Roots
  • Conforms to landscape
  • Withstands vehicular traffic
  • Offers optimum drainage
  • Prevents ruts & channeling

  • Size:34' x 34' or 47' x 47'
  • Thickness:1.5'
  • Weight:45 lbs / 85 lbs
  • Application:Base Stabilization
  • Shipping:30 tiles per skid = 1350 lbs or 2600 lbs

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