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Gas cooling systems have been designed to reduce the temperature of gases to the level facilitating the use of filter fabric, without the need for the external air suction. The maximum temperature of the inlet gas temperature at the coolers may reach 550-600  ̊C. The main areas of application thereof include process gas cooling at glass works, aluminium works, copper works, casting houses, cement plants etc.

The principle of operation of the coolers is based on the transfer of heat from heated gases to the cooling agent. The heat is transferred by means of forced convection through the heat exchanger pipe walls to the cooling medium. The cooling medium flows inside the cooling pipes, while the cooled gases are outside the pipes.  The cooled gases flow perpendicularly to the cooling agent flow. The cooling medium may be either gas (atmospheric air) or liquid. The cooling air is forced to the heat exchange pipes by means of axial-flow or centrifugal fans.

If the dust concentration in the cooled gases is high, the cooler may serve a primary cleaning chamber, after the flow speed has been reduced. In the case of cooling flue gas with dust which tends to adhere to the pipe surface, a chain cleaning system is used to prevent formation of a dust layer on the cooling pipe surface.

A typical cooler is made of the following elements:

  • steel enclosure (the type of the material used depends on the temperatures),
  • heat exchange elements (flat cooling tubes for gas/gas heat exchangers, plates for gas/liquid exchangers),
  • In-built inspection manhole door for convenient maintenance and potential replacement of spare elements,
  • cooling fans for gas/gas heat exchangers,
  • Heat exchange elements chain cleaning system (an elevated cap, in which the cleaning system drive is situated, is installed above the heat exchange elements),
  • charging hopper,
  • dust reception device (worm conveyor + rotary valve),
  • support structure,
  • service platforms,
  • control and automation system.

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