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- Two Shaft Tire Shredder



The newly designed ECO cutting blade system is state-of-the-art industrial shredding technology with low wear cost features for new or existing shredder systems. Each shredder contains replaceable knife inserts (24 for each blade) that provide 6 cutting edges per insert. (Operator can re-sharpen each insert 1x for an additional 6 cutting edges). Replacement is quick and easy with a common impact drill reducing downtime. Estimated blade life is 3 million PTE (Passenger Tire Equivalent) with an estimated wear life of 2,500 tons per knife-edge.


  • Capacity up to 30 t/h - one time pass
  • Capacity up to 15 t/h - 150-150 mm shreds 

ECO Green tyre shredder is the perfect machine for the production of tire shreds for the ultimate achievement of tire derived fuel. ECO Green tire recycling machines are specifically designed and manufactured to treat scrap tires and produce rubber granulate and rubber powder as raw material.

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