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- Model CE/S and CE/S/B - Cyclones



CE/S and CE/S/B (with basalt lining) dust collectors offered by ECO INSTAL are characterized by high operating efficiency, resistance to erosive wear from dust and reduced flow resistance in comparison with hitherto applied technologies.The equipment is used in particular in technologies involving erosive dusts e.g. in power engineering, in loose construction materials production, coke engineering, casting, coal industry etc.Cyclone dust collectors are made of normal and special purpose quality steel sheet of enhanced anti-abrasive qualities. The basic design changes in relation to classic cyclones are in the area of the exhaust manifold and elimination of conical shape of the bottom section of the dust collector.  In addition, the design of cyclones facilitates easy inspection through a special manhole.

The changes applied in the design of CE/S dust collectors in comparison with the traditional cyclones allowed to obtain the following results.

  • reduction of flow resistance by approximately 30 %,
  • increase in the flow capacity by approximately 25 %.

CE/S is a basic type of a dust collector, while CE/S/B was adapted to be covered with basalt lining. The internal diameter of the dust collector casing is increased by the size of the basalt lining, which facilitates nominal dimensions of rolls after basalt application. The basalt lining is installed on a special steel mesh surface, which eliminates burns in the basal surface or its coming off due to vibrations.

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