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- Model HCP - Module Bag Filter



The HCP module bag filter incorporates an 'offline' filter fabric regeneration technology (during the regeneration process, the treated air flow through the filter fabric is cut off).  The regeneration is effected by the injection of compressed air into the filter bags by means of a regenerating nozzle with an injector, installed on a carriage. The flow air treated at the filter fabric in the regenerated bags and in the adjacent rows is cut off by means of a special seal installed on the carriage. This regeneration system encourages a considerably lower emissions level than in the case of “online” solutions and extends the life of the filter fabric.

The highly efficient regeneration system makes it a perfect choice for deducting filters collecting fine and hard-to-regenerate dust or if strictly low dust emission levels are to be complied with. The application of this technology in high efficiency filters proves more economical than “online” filtering solutions. HCP filters’ standard filtration area may range from 232 to 11,000 m2.

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