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- Model HCS - Module Bag Filter



The HCS module bag filter incorporates an 'online' filter fabric regeneration technology (during treated air flow through the filter fabric) with the use of compressed air. These types of filters are equipped with the compressed air collectors with electrovalves connected to jet pipes, by means of which compressed air is injected into the filter bags.  The injector system for sucking air from the pure gas chamber additionally boosts the regenerating impulse and facilitates more effective cleaning of the filter bags. The method of installation of jet pipes inside the pure gas chamber fosters quick and easy disassembly thereof. To smooth settling of dust in the chute, the compressed air as well as the sucked in secondary air is injected simultaneously into two adjacent rows of filter bags. HCS filters’ standard filtration area may range from 196 to 10,000 m2.Simple and cost-efficient design of the system makes the bags a frequent choice for smaller heavy duty filters.

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