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Our analyzers detect nitrogen oxides at any concentration. Many scientists, technicians and engineers depend on the NOX readings from their ECO PHYSICS analyzers. Many more would like to – now they have a choice: The cost-effective CLD 60 series. The simplified setup makes it easy for every system integrator.

User comfort has always been a top priority in the development of an ECO PHYSICS analyzer. The instrument offers predefined settings to facilitate user operation, which can be performed by means of the integrated keypad or remotely from a personal computer. The clear layout of the menu structure guides the user and enables him to take advantage of all analyzer functions with simple commands. With a few options available, the analyzer can be tailored to your needs.

Each CLD series 60 analyzer optimizes the chemiluminescence detector (CLD) to its basic components. All the heated parts are combined and include even the efficient thermal ozone scrubber. Ozone generation does not require a special gas supply, it just takes normal clean ambient air. The compact reaction chamber is the heart of the analyzer. All these high-quality components guarantee a nearly maintenance-free operation. Apart from expendable material for sampling purposes, service is limited to the yearly replacement of filters and membranes.

The analyzers of the CLD 60 series are not only state-of-the-art products in terms of precision and reliability. Their technological base also sets the trend for others. The principle of chemiluminescence detection is an extremely selective method for measuring nitrogen oxides precisely, with high linearity over a wide concentration range and with very high reproducibility. These qualities are the basis for the acknowledged high performance of ECO PHYSICS CLD NOX analyzers in tracking nitrogen oxides even down to the low ppt level.

Each and every NOX instrument must pass an extensive test procedure before it leaves the factory. These performance tests can be recalled for every analyzer that ever left our manufacturing plant. Designed and produced in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 certification, a high-quality product with excellent support after the sale is insured.

Integrating the analyzer in larger systems is easy. With its radial ventilation concept the compact instrument consumes only three height units from your rack. The state-of-the-art interfacing capabilities like LAN, RS 232 and analog enable flexible data transfer.

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