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- Model CLD 62 - Nitrogen Oxides Analyzers



The new CLD 62 nitrogen oxide analyzer is the economical solution for the continuous measurement of NO and NOX concentrations in fixed or mobile applications.

We help you to Keep the Limits

For years ECO PHYSICS has been one of the leading firms in pollutant measurement. Our analyzers come into use wherever concentrations of nitrogen oxide compounds have to be measured.

Threshold value ordinances, as well as quality directives, only make sense if they can be effectively monitored.

This is where our analyzers come into play. Either integrated into entire production processes and systems, or as stand-alone devices, they continuously deliver the exact NO and NOX values you require. The design of the instrument is optimized for rack mount and stand-alone applications.

Economical Solution

The CLD 62 is the ideal instrument for series checks of NO and total NOX in fixed or mobile stations. This singlechannel analyzer is designed for all applications with an existing gas preconditioning unit to ensure quality control as well as keeping to threshold values. Total NOX is measured by metal or an optional steel converter.


The development of an ECO PHYSICS analyzer always includes full user comfort. The user can adapt the operation according to his needs and applications by selection of predefined settings via the keypad and remotely from a PC.

Warning and error messages are displayed coded and in full text. The analyzer guides the user step by step to return to normal operation.

Maintenance simply means annual replacement of filters and membranes besides the consumables required by special sampling conditions.

Easy Calibration

Calibration is quickly and automatically carried out. This extremely useful feature eliminates the potential risk of erroneous calibrations.

Compact and Modular Design

The CLD 62 is the most compact unit of its class. Thanks to the totally modular layout and integrated ozone generator and scrubber it is designed for a multitude of applications.

  • Compact design
  • Internal ozone generator and scrubber
  • Metal or steel converter for NOX detection
  • Four freely selectable measurement ranges
  • Operation and control via keypad or personal computer
  • Mobile DC operation

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