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- Model CLD 800 Series - Detecting Nitrogen Oxides Analyzers



No matter where and al what concentrations nitrogen oxides have to be detected, you can depend on ECO PHYSICS analyzers to handle the job quickly, reliably and with a precision that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Whether at trace levels in a clean room environment or for the analysis of exhaust gases directly at the source, you will find the type of chemilu-minescence detector (CLD) to perfectly suit you at ECO PHYSICS.

Improving the air quality starts with a reduction of nitrogen oxides. Accordingly, the authorities are constantly lowering the limits of permitted pollution. The monitoring of compliance with set limits of pollution requires ever more sophisticated measuring equipment. ECO PHYSICS CLD NO, analyzers are the best choice for obtaining precise and reliable values for the presence of NO, N02, NO*, NH3 or NOx amines in the sample gas. Whether in operation as stand-alone units or integrated into measuring systems, with or without external sample gas preparation, we can always offer the most appropriate solution. For the surveillance of industrial processes as well as for the scientist in atmospheric research.

The principle of chemiluminescence detection is an extremely selective method for measuring nitrogen oxides precisely, with high linearity over a wide concentration range and with very high reproducibility. These qualities are the basis for the acknowledged high performance of ECO PHYSICS CLD NOx analyzers in tracing nitrogen oxides even down to the low ppt level.

Concerning precision, dynamic range and response times, ECO PHYSICS CLD NOx analyzers are setting global standards and the convincing concept of modularity is unique. Start with a single channel CLD 8x NO analyzer as a basis. Add modules such as an N02 or NOx amine converter, an additional reaction chamber, a heated sample inlet or even a calibration gas divider to configure the optimal NOx analyzer for your specific application. For measuring the nitrogen oxides from two different sample sources, simply add a second sample inlet and save cost. And remember; there is room for all these components including the powerful vacuum pump (membrane type) and the thermal ozone scrubber in one case, / mp.

Ease of operation for our CLD NOx analyzers has| always been our special concern. The clear menu structure enables the user to take advantage of all the features and functions of the analyzer and control it either via the keypad at the front panel or via a PC. Maintenance-free components for ozone production and destruction, the oil-free vacuum pump and filters result in a minimum of maintenance costs even in permanent operation.

Each and every CID NO* analyzer must pass an extensive test procedure before it leaves the factory. Test procedures and test equipment comply with ISO 9001 standards and are docu-ted in accordance with international regulations.

We are reaching for new markets and solutions guided by creativity and nourished by curiosity in our custodiers' needs. ECO PHYSICS offers today the fastest and most sensitive analyzers based on the principle of chemiluminescence.

Since many years and throughout the globe, ECO PHYSICS is known. Our instruments are in place to accurately measure nitrogen oxides: to check stack and exhaust gases, to observe air quality regulations, to improve health. Many scientists of the most reputed institutes and research centers rely on the quality of their measurements with ECO PHYSICS analyzers.

Working with customers that are at the leading edge of analytical and process technology, we strive to anticipate the changing needs of all our clients. Our market specialists for the business segments

  • environment
  • industrial processes
  • automotive and combustion engines
  • manufacturing of semiconductors
  • medical diagnostics
  • and our worldwide representatives maintain contact with you.

The limits of technology are relative. Our motivated people in R&D are in- venting this statement daily. Discovering emerging applications from your new requirements is our challenge to develop solutions. Creativity, curiosity and the dedication to quality have brought us an excellent reputation and led you closer to your goals.

First-grade quality is a condition, although it has been | derived from international standards. It has been independently certified for ECO PHYSICS. Each and every product leaving our factory undergoes a strict quality control procedure. These performance tests can be recalled for every analyzer that ever left our manufacturing plant.

Initiate a contact and we will add our part - this means partnership to us. In close cooperation with you we are developing solutions which comply with your specific requirements. ECO PHYSICS and our representatives are there when you need us - at the start of your project, through to the whole live, support and service.

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