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- Model CLD 811 - Nitrogen Oxides Analyzers



The CLD 811 nitrogen oxide analyzer is unique in its performance with a colorful touch screen display enabling easy and flexible operation. It allows the simultaneous measurement of NO, NO2 and NOx concentrations in raw exhaust of several thousand ppm down to a few ppb!

  • Compact design without any additional space required
  • Minimized CO2 and H2O quenching
  • Four freely selectable measurement ranges
  • Operation and control via touch screen or remote personal computer

The CLD 811 fulfills the requirements of the automotive industry when it comes to monitor reproducible and reliable NOx data. With its heated inlet and its automated pressure control the analyzer can handle rough samples, such as raw exhaust gas. Beyond with the detection limit of 10 ppb bag samples may be analyzed with the same instrument. This is the result of an extended range capability designed into this state of the art NOx monitor. Its stability, reproducibility and reliability are representing the name ECO PHYSICS at its best.

Ease of use has top priority. The analyzer powers up automatically and reaches the continuous measurement mode without any user interaction. Of course, if needed the user may choose individual sequences and select from the predefined settings in a simple menu.

The CLD 811 is the most compact unit of its class. Thanks to the totally modular layout, this analyzer is designed for your system or may be placed nearby your sampling point. Thus, it will make your most indispensable measurement tool for you for a multitude of applications.

The legislators push the environmental laws, taking giant strides. In the automotive industry the measurement of hot, raw exhaust gases is mandated by law – EURO 6 or EPA 2007 – and it is now only a question of time before this is extended to other areas, such as the manufacture of off-road engines. Therefore forward-looking suppliers of drive components verify the nitrogen oxide emissions of their products for the sake of both: the environment and quality. Only the best performing benches will lead to truly optimized engines. And many know how to achieve it: with the most reliable measuring instruments from ECO PHYSICS!

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