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- Model nCLD 66 - Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer



The new nCLD 66 nitrogen oxide analyzer is the economical solution for the continuous measurement of NO, N02 and NO concentrations even in the range of parts per trillion!

We tell you whether the air is clean; For years ECO PHYSICS has been one of the leading firms in pollutant meaisurement. Our analyzers come into use wherever concentrations of nitrogen I oxide compounds have to be measured. This may be for compliance with clean air regulations.

Threshold value ordinances, as well as quality directives, only make sense if they can be effectively monitored.

This is where our analyzers come into play. Either integrated into entire production processes and systems, or as stand-alone devices, they continuously deliver the exact NO, N02 and NOx values you require.

Economical solution
The nCLD 66 fulfills the requirements of indoor N02 monitoring and research laboratories specializing in detecting and monitoring smallest variations of NO/NOx concentrations. The fast response and lag time in less than a second is unique of its class. N02 and total NOx is measured by molybdenum converter.

The 'GUI - Graphical User Interface' enables the user to take advantage of all the features and functions of the analyzer and control it by means of the integrated 8-inch color touchscreen. The measured values are displayed in real time, as figures or as continuous graphical curves. The instrument's settings, the accessibility and the data management can be individually configured. The operator guidance is easy understandable and provides a help function at any time.

Easy calibration
Calibration is quickly and automatically carried out. This extremely useful feature eliminates the potential risk of erroneous calibrations.

Compact and modular design
The nCLD 66 is the most compact unit of its class. Thanks to the totally modular layout and integrated ozone generator and scrubber it is designed for a multitude of applications.

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