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- Two Stage System



A two stage system is most commonly applicable in the heating industry during dedusting of stoker-fired boilers. The system, which is a well-known solution in the industry market, incorporates two devices constituting an integral unit in terms of dedusting efficiency, while exclusion off any of the elements diminishes the deducting installation efficiency. A relatively high efficiency of the proposed two stage system stems from a vast array of physical phenomena taking place during the dedusting process as well as the properties of smoke dust emitted by stoker-fired boilers.

The basic elements of the two stage system are: MOS primary duct collectors and CE/S cyclone dust collectors.

A careful and customized selection process of dust collecting devices facilitates compliance of a dedusted boiler with applicable standards. The implementation of MOS filter in the two stage system reduces the quantity of large particles, which cause considerable friction in the exhaust gas ducts and the purifying devices, and thus quick wear thereof.  A two-stage system guarantees reduction dust emission to the atmosphere below the level of 200 mg/Nm3.

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