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KANKYO’s innovation has made the composting an easy affair. The prefabricated rotary invessel composting Eco Bin is a revolutionary technology which can convert the organic waste into secondary grade compost.

Composting is the process of controlled adrobic decompistion of biodegradable organic matter. During composting, microorgarnisms break down organic matter onto carbon dioxide, water, heat, and compost:

Use of the Compost

  • Increases water holding capacity.
  • Increases aeration and dranage
  • for clay soils.
  • Provides organic nitrogen, phosphorus,
  • and potassium provids

Feed Stock for composting

  • Food and drink industry waste
  • Paper, card, timber and other biodegradable
  • waste, houe hold waste
  • Household waster
  • Organic sludge including sewage

Rotating Drum in Vessel Composting

We offer wide range of advanced filtration systems that enables treatment of suspended particles, color, odour & oil through filtration. The media filters involved filtration of particulates across surface & depth of media. These systems are backwashed when the pressure drops across the media increase.

Cylindrical vessels that are automatically turned on a continuous basis, usually at speed of 1 RPM or less.

Adapted from concrete or feed mixers and cement kilns mix grind and aerate materials to inittiate composting.

compisting starts quicly - partly due to reduced particle size. usually have a very short residence time. can be said to be more physical than biological can be partitioned for more controlled composting

  1. Composting can be more closely controlled, leading to faster decomposition and more consistent product quality.
  2. Effects of weather are diminished
  3. Less manpower is required to operate the system and staff is less exposed to composting material
  4. Can often be done onsite, saving collection costs
  5. Less land area is required
  6. Process air and leachate can be more easily collected and treated
  7. Public acceptance of facility may be better
  8. Can accommodate various types and amounts of organic waste (e.g., odorous biosolids & food)

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