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- Model 4.0 - Winter Mix


EcoBird Winter Mix is the perfect additive to any bird hazer that is functional in cold weather climates. Adding EcoBird Winter Mix to EcoBird 4.0 will prevent freezing of lines and allow consistent, constant flow of liquid bird repellent, assuring proper hazing efficiencies during the winter season.

  • EcoBird can be used in airports, hangers, colleges, universities, office buildings, warehouses, grain storage facilities, parking facilities, outdoor restaurants, golf courses, stadiums, parks and many, many other locations that are currently dealing with nuisance birds.
  • EcoBird is effective for all birds, including pigeons, geese, grackles, starlings, doves, black birds, swallows, gulls, water fowl and many other birds that have become a nuisance.

  • Bird Control Hazers are a very effective method to turn EcoBird into a lighter than air haze that able to affect birds in flight. Hazers are set on timers to control how often they turn on and the duration time that EcoBird is dispensed. Our clients carry a wide variety of Hazers for Structural, Agriculture and Aquaculture.

  • Made from non-hazardous food-grade materials
  • Simple application with mechanical spraying and/or fogging equipment
  • Utilizes 40% active ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate
  • 100% made in USA
  • 3-year shelf life
  • FDA and EPA approved for use on numerous crops
  • For indoor fogging use: undiluted at a rate not to exceed one (1) fl. oz. per 10,000 cubic ft.
  • For outdoor fogging use: undiluted at a rate of 6-8 fl. oz. per acre.

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