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- Wastewater Sludge Conditioner


EcoFiber sludge conditioner helps wastewater treatment facilities dewater sludge faster and with up to 40 percent less discharge to the environment. By conditioning sludge with EcoFiber, plants maximize the performance of dewatering devices (such as belt filter presses) thereby reducing the weight/volume of the filter cake, improving its quality, and significantly reducing disposal costs.

A highly absorbent cellulose product used to solidify liquid waste and stabilize sludge for transportation and disposal on remediation projects such as tank cleanouts, lagoon dredging, and pond closures. This specialty fiber is ideal for absorbing free liquid in roll-off boxes and can be disposed of as a solid waste. EcoFiber also satisfied EPA test requirements (i.e., paint filter and TCLP tests) for waste prior to disposal. EcoFiber can absorb an amazing 13 to 17 times its weight in water and/or oil, meaning less clay, corn cobs, rice hulls, and lime kiln dust. Not only does EcoFiber reduce the amount of waste requiring disposal up to 46%, it is made from 98.5% recycled fiber that otherwise would go to a landfill. Furthermore, this product has 8,484 btu/lb and burns to less than 3% ash, making it ideal for incineration projects. Inorganic absorbents such as clay, fly ash, and lime kiln dust do not burn which limits disposal options to more costly methods. EcoFiber is available in 30 lb. and 40 lb. compressed bags measuring 18 inches x 22 inches x 12 inches.

Wastewater Plants benefit from using EcoFiber by:

  • reduced disposal volume/weight
  • reduced polymer consumption
  • faster sludge dewatering (throughput)
  • net annual savings in the $100,000's

Ecosorb International manufactures EcoFiber from recycled cellulose fiber (over 98 percent by weight). By using recycled raw materials to make EcoFiber, Ecosorb International helps reduce the growing demand on a limited supply of landfill space.

Environmental conservation is exponentially compounded as EcoFiber is used to condition wastewater sludge for maximum dewaterability, in effect, reducing the amount of waste discharged to the environment by up to 40 percent.

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