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- Dust Collector Filter Bags


Dust Collector Filter Bags 1)Supply Nomex filter bags, PPS filter bags, Polyester filter bags, Pan Acrylic filter bags, Polyester filter bags, P84 filter bags, PTFE filter bags. 2)Gram Weight: 400gsm-600gsm 3)Thickness: 1.5mm-3mm 4)Usage: Air Filtration, Liquid filtration, Powder filtration Application: 1) The fume and smoke treatment and particle removing system in metallurgy plant, alloy plant, steel works, moulding factories, fire-retardant factories and power stations 2) Fume filtration, tiny particle recycle and division of liquid and solid in aluminum electro analysis, tin, zinc, cooper and other rare metals 3) Smoke filtration in garbage burning, coal-feed boiler and liquidized laid boilers 4) Division of liquid, solid and tiny particle recycle in chemicals, coke, carbon, dyestuff, pharmacy and plastics 5) Asphalt concrete mixture, cements, ceramics, building materials, lime and plaster 6) Dust treatment, purification and collection in electronics, mining.

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