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- Nomex needle felt filter Nomex Filter bag


Nomex needle felt Nomex Filter Bags Nomex Filter Bags is mainly used in cement industry, asphalt mixing,blast furnace in steel mill,metallurgical industry and tobacco industry for flue gas purification. Nomex filter bag for higher temperature dust filtration ,widely applied in cement Kiln smoke dust filtration in cement plant ,steel melting furnace smoke filtration and so on . NOMEX filter bag Dust Collector Filter Bag offer one of the best total economies in a filtration system because of higher air to cloth ratios, higher temperature capability, and a long working life.     Performance:    Nomex Filter Bags continuous operating temperatures is up to 200°c, instant service temperature is up to 240°c.     Nomex Filter Bags fire retardant performance is excellent,    Corrosion resistance and alkali resistance is good,    Excellent thermal stability, excellent abrasion resistance .

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