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- Giant Chlor


Ships and plants that transport or store liquefied natural gas use large quantities of sea water for the liquefaction and regasification processes. The water must be free of marine biofouling, to avoid blocking of the circuits with encrusting marine species. Considerable quantities of water are involved in these processes, ranging from 15,000 to over 30,000 m3/h.

ACG is in the forefront in design and production of large electrochlorination systems used to prevent the growth of marine biofouling inside the main cooling and regasification circuits.

ECOLCELL® GIANT CHLOR can produce up to 15 kg/h of free chlorine on site from sea water, with very limited dimensions. The ECOLCELL® GIANT CHLOR system uses ACG proprietary technology, applied to a new generation cell. The standard dosage of sodium hypochlorite for processes on LNG and FSRU varies from 0.1 to 0.5 ppm of “chlorine equivalent”.

ECOLCELL® GIANT CHLOR is formed of one or more skids, on which the electrolytic cells, the electric panel, pipes, valves and instruments connected to them are installed.

The systems can be designed and constructed, on customer request, in compliance with Standard IEC 60079.

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