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- Model 2MASTER - Two Membrane Constant Pressure Gas Holders



Our two membrane constant pressure gasholders serve as a standalone containment system designed to store biogas generated from the anaerobic digestion of municipal waste water treatment, agriculture waste, industrial and urban waste.  These gasholders are mounted on a concrete slab.

The 2MASTER system’s external, gas and bottom membranes are constructed using double-sided PVC-coated fiber fabric (UV-microbial-abrasion-biogas resistant).  Individual membrane sections are welded together using high frequency welding (ISO 9001 quality).  All welding edges are sealed using an Eco-Safe layer of pure PVC in order to prevent biogas and other contaminants from degrading the fibers within the membrane. The inner biogas chamber is a completely sealed, one-piece chamber which prevents gas losses that can pass through anchor bolts used to secure the gasholder to the concrete base.

The air, or external, membrane functions as the outer shell of the 2MASTER system and supports the environmental loads that the gasholder will experience throughout its life.  In addition, through the use of a continuously operating air handling system, the proper level of pressure is maintained allowing the biogas chamber to operate at a preset and constant working pressure.

The biogas chamber’s storage capacity varies according to the production and use of biogas while operated at a constant working pressure regulated by the air membrane and air handling system.

From an operational safety standpoint, a gradual and continual replenishing of the air chamber by the air handling system removes any biogas that might pass from the biogas chamber into the air chamber.

Our 2MASTER system incorporates several key features, including large storage volumes and gas flow rates, shape variability to maximize storage capacity, and economical biogas storage.

Large Storage Volumes and Gas Flow Rates. The 2MASTER system is recommended for applications where gas storage volume is greater than 3,000 m3 or 106,000 ft3.  This system is also recommended for applications when high and variable gas flow rates are expected.

Shape Variability to Maximize Storage Capacity. For applications requiring up to 2,000 m³, or 70,600 ft3, the 2MASTER system is available either as a ½ sphere or ¾ sphere.  Larger sizes and locations where high winds are expected require a ½ sphere 2MASTER system.

Economical Biogas Storage.  Dual membrane construction and a simple air pressurization / handling system make the 2MASTER an economical choice for biogas storage.

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