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Low-cost of ownership process filtration. Available Features: long bags elements. Full-spectrum pressure cleaning (hi-med-low). On-line and off-line cleaning system. Inlet designs for high dust applications. Modular / field erected / explosion proof designs.

  • Gas temperature up to 500°F
  • Differential pressure up to 80 in. WG
  • Long-bag technology saves space
  • High-side inlet designs minimize can velocity
  • Pre-chamber inlet eliminates abrasion

BoldEco Environment EcoPulse Series pulse jet fabric filters are ready to satisfy all the requirements of gas de-dusting with respect to reliability, low maintenance and spare parts standardization. According to the application and space available, various designs are available. Our extensive process experience and exclusive gas inlet design allows us to achieve the highest air to cloth ratio for any application while preserving filter maintainability and extending bag life.

EcoPulse filters are available for heavy duty applications in basic industries including cement, chemicals, steel, metals, incineration, power, etc.


BoldEco offers the following fabric filter system solutions for dedusting applications:

EP-HP High-Pressure PulseJet Fabric Filters
The EcoPulse high-pressure PJFF design is implemented in applications with sticky or difficult to release dust and very high dust loads. EcoVent high-pressure PJFFs are the industry standard for bags below 6m (18 feet) in length. High-pressure PJFFs utilize pressures between 3-6 bar (45-90 psig).

EP-MP Med-Pressure PulseJet Fabric Filters
The EcoPulse medium-pressure PJFF design is implemented in applications with powdery or easy to release dust and medium to low dust loads. EcoVent medium-pressure PJFFs are the industry standard for bags greater than 6m (18 feet) in length. Medium-pressure PJFFs utilize pressures between 1-3 bar (15-45 psig).

EP-MH Hybrid-Pressure PulseJet Fabric Filters
With the addition of a VEnTo (Variable Energy-Timing Optimized) pulsejet controller, the any EcoVent PJFF can be converted to a hybrid-pressure design. The main advantage of a hybrid design is that the dust collector will automatically respond to changing dust collector conditions to provide the optimum pulsing pressure, thus resulting in a design that provides the best balance between performance and bag life. Hybrid-pressure PJFFs utilize pressures between 1-6 bar (15-90 psig).

Our technical department is specialized in the analysis, design and supply of custom engineered fabric filter retrofit technologies and in the supply, erection and commissioning of the new system, including performance guarantees.

Even the analysis of the gas moving system under the new operating parameters can be trusted to the competence of our fan specialists.

Filtering equipment can be selected with various bag lengths, typically from 4 to 10 meters (12 to 33 feet).

Due to the unique experience of BoldEco Environment and with the implemenation of new technologies, such as the newly developed Vento Controller, CFD Technology and ePTFE membrane filter media, one can expect 5-6 years of bag life under normal use. With the installation of a Vento Controller BoldEco will DOUBLE a manufacturer's warranty on bag life. Ask us for details.

BoldEco offers the following fabric filter add-on and retrofit solutions for dedusting applications:

VEnTO™ (PJFF Controller)
The VEnTo™ (Variable-Energy/Timing-Optimized) pulse-jet fabric filter controller is a microprocessor-based controller designed to control the main parameters of a pulse-jet fabric filter - Pulse Time, Pulse Duration, and Pulse Energy. By automatically controlling these main parameters, the fabric filter can be made to respond to any process condition, while at the same time conserve energy and extend bag life.

Tsunami™ (Reverse Fabric Filter Standing Shockwave Pulse Generator)
The Tsunami™ standing shockwave generator is a retrofit accessory designed to provide new life to existing reverse gas fabric filters. Greatly improved fabric filter performance can be gained by generating a programmable standing shockwave in the reverse gas cleaning duct, increasing the time between compartment isolation and cleaning cycles. This results in a more steady process control, increased bag life, reduced pressure drop, and decreased emissions.

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