- Self Sealing Paper Sack


Self Sealing Paper Sack for Confidential Waste Documents NOW AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES Ecosack have developed a strong single ply white paper sack that can be ‘self sealed’ for the collection of sensitive paper documents from offices, hospitals, banks etc. It is a totally secure solution – the sack can be filled sealed and shredded. The danger of sensitive documents being accidentally discarded will become a thing of the past!

One Sack – No Extras – Job Done!

  • Easy secure closure
  • No loose additional closure material
  • Both sack and contents are shredded
  • Removes any risk of documents being left in the sack or accidently being discarded
  • Saves time and money
  • No extra content and packaging separation
  • More cost effective

The Total Paper Environmental Solution!

  • Single ply of white 100 g semi-extensible
  • Standard size: 480 x 640 x 140 mm (W x H x B)
  • Large size: 550 x 950 x 220 mm (W x H x B)
  • Bundle quantity of 25 sacks

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