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- Model 303A - Concentrated Liquid Additive for Odor Control



Ecosorb 303A is a concentrated liquid additive for controlling the odors associated with non-aqueous compounds such as resins, polymers, oils, and emulsions.

As the industrial odor control market has evolved, OMI Industries has developed a family of Ecosorb products that maintain a philosophy of environmental and worker friendliness while avoiding the concept of odor masking.

The standard aqueous Ecosorb product was re-designed utilizing a non-aqueous, plant extract solvent. This re-designed product has led to Ecosorb 303A and other non-aqueous blends which have seen service in the asphalt industry, rubber processing, foundry resins, the plastics industry and more. In every case it is added directly into the compound needing odor control. This is not a masking agent. Functionally, it operates via emission suppression mechanisms as well as mechanisms similar to die aqueous airborne Ecosorb applications for controlling odors.

  • Flash Point greater than 140° F
  • Pleasant citrus or floral odor
  • All natural ingredients
  • Easy to use

  • Flammabilitv HMIS Class 2
  • Not a mask; no strong odor
  • No hazardous ingredients
  • Mixes easily into oils, oil emulsions, and resins

Physical Properties

  • Flash Point: -185° F
  • Boiling Point: -350° F
  • Specific Gravity: Approximately 0.88
  • Appearance: Clear yellow liquid
  • Odor: Slight citrus or floral odor

HMIS Classification

  • Health: 0
  • Flammability: 2
  • Reactivity: 0
  • Protective Equipment: B

All Ingredients can be Found Listed on the Following Chemical Substance Inventories:

  • United States: TSCA
  • Canadian: DSL
  • European: EINECS
  • Australian: AICS

Typical Dosing Rates

  • Rubber recycling process: 500 ppm
  • Foundry resins: 0.5% to 1%
  • Machining cooling oils: 250 ppm to 1000 ppm

Packaging Options

  • Ecosorb additives are available in the following sizes:
  • 5 Gallon Pails
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 275 Gallon Containers

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