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- Industrial Odor Additive for Natural Odor Control



Use Ecosorb industrial odor additive for natural odor control. Many times, industrial odors are an unwanted byproduct of manufacturing. However, in some cases, the odor itself becomes intertwined with the end product, creating a less-than-desirable situation. But there is a solution.


Because Ecosorb industrial odor control additive is natural, it is non-reactive. This means it can be added to the actual end product, not just during the manufacturing process, to naturally and effectively neutralize malodors with no hindrance to the product itself.

Ecosorb odor control additive does not replace one odor for another. It does not mask industrial odors with fruit or flower fragrances that may or may not fit well with your product. Instead they eliminate malodors. This means your product will not have to take on any characteristics, such as a perfumed aroma, to address the existing odor concern.

Ecosorb products are used as additives in a number of industries including asphalt, rubber and plastics to eliminate industrial odors. Select an industry below to learn more about how Ecosorb additives are successfully used as a method of natural odor control.

OMI will work with you to determine the right additive strategy and formulations to eliminate odors within your product, without compromising its performance or any of its intended characteristics.

We have developed a useful tool to help you decide which delivery method best suits your industrial environment.

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