OMI Industries (OMI)

- Model 130 CFM - Vapor Phase Unit for Odor Neutralizers



The OMI 130 CFM unit uses vapor phase dispersion to produce sub-micron particles for the highest efficiency possible when used with Ecosorb Odor Neutralizer.


Made of 16-gauge powder coated steel with a durable locking handle, the unit can be bolted to the concrete pad or to a uni-strut rack. The unit has been designed to stand up to the outside elements, but can also be used indoors.

This self-contained system requires only a power supply, which means no filters, complicated mixing equipment, pumps or nozzles. Simply pour 5 gallons of Ecosorb into the product supply tank, lock the door, and walk away. After 21-30 days of use, drain the product tank and add another 5 gallons of Ecosorb. Otherwise maintenance is limited to rinsing the product storage tank out every six months.

Ideal for:

  • Sewer Lift & Pump Stations
  • Trash Rooms
  • Refinery Control Rooms

  • 130 CFM at 0.00 static pressure
  • Ball Bearings w/aluminum ends for greater heat dissipation
  • UL Listed Components

Air bubble specs:

  • Rated air flow .21 CFM
  • Noise level 38db max @1 meter

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