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- Broad Spectrum Odor Neutralizer



Ecosorb Spray Gel is a broad spectrum odor neucralizer that is applied neat. Trie product is commonly sprayed directly onto the surface of the area that is generating the odor such as sludge and landfill materials.

Ecosorb SprayGel combines the powerful odor neutralizing capability of the standard liquid Ecosorb product into a low molecular weight polymer matrix, which allows the Ecosorb to evaporate out of the matrix over a several day period. Total elimination of odors coming out of undigested sludge have been seen through this capping process.

Physical Properties

  • pH: ~6.8
  • Density g/ml: ~0.96
  • Boiling point: ~212°F
  • Appearance: milky white, wet gel particles
  • Odor: slight citrus and floral

HMIS Classification

  • Health: 0
  • Flammability: 0
  • Reactivity: 0
  • Protective Equipment: B

All ingredients can be found listed on the following chemical substance inventories:

  • United States: TSCA
  • Canadian: DSL
  • European: EINECS
  • Australian: AICS

Handling and Packaging
Ecosorb SprayGel is shipped in HDPE containers. Storage containers should be kept tightly sealed, long term exposure to ambient air can affect the product. During storage it should not be subjected to temperatures below 35°F or above 85°F. Allowing the product to freeze is especially damaging and will disrupt the emulsion. Extended exposure to higher temperatures may cause separation, but the emulsion can be restored through agitation or mixing.

Delivery Systems:
Automatic systems such as the one pictured here, are available to apply the SprayGel directly to the tops of sludge hauling trucks before they leave the facility. This eliminates odor complaints coming from the truck. Handheld sprayers can be used for smaller coverage areas.

Disposal and Cleanup
Wash with water or soap and water. The product is not hazardous to humans, animals, or the environment. The product is biodegradable and can be landfill disposed according to local regulations.


  • Ecosorb SprayGel is available in the following sizes:
    • 5 Gallon Pails
    • 55 Gallon Drums
    • 275 Gallon Containers

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