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Evapo Concentration at low temperature and atmospheric pressure. ECOSTILL, developed by TMW is a unique and patented evaporative-concentration technology which was inspired by the natural water cycle Any amount of any polluted liquid can be recycled into purified water easily and at low cost.

Suitable for all types of effluent : oil, gas, chemicals, metals, surface treatment.

A dedicated analysis is always performed.

ECOSTILL is a self contained evaporator operating without a membrane or a vacuum pump. This is easier to use, more reliable and lower cost than any other competing waste-water treatment technology. ECOSTILL™ can be used on any already existing industrial water system and can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with very little maintenance.

  • Reduce your waste water treatment costs by up to 70% per year.
  • Easily fitted to any industrial system.
  • Easy to use and ready to go.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Can be used with any energy source – solar, geothermal, waste heat and so on.
  • No membrane / Low Maintenance
  • Industrial re-use of water
  • Waste water concentrated up to ten times.
  • Units from 200 m3 to 50,000 m3 per year

Suitable for all types of effluent: oil, gas, chemicals, metals, surface treatment. A dedicated analysis is always performed

The Machine
The ECOSTILL™ module consists of an evaporation unit and a condenser, a single fan to circulate air and an overheating mechanism for the liquid being treated. The assembly is then thermally insulated with expanded poly-propylene. It concentrates the waste while producing pure water. The liquid is concentrated as follows: when some of the water evaporates from the untreated effluent the pollutants such as metals, organic materials and so forth do not evaporate and are concentrated. The vapour condenses and produces pure water.

The Technology
MHD technology is a unique process with the following characteristics:

  • Evaporation at atmospheric pressure and low temperature. The machine is made entirely of plastic (PP and HDPE).
  • Average power consumption between 6 kW (ECOSTILL™ 400) and 24 kW (ECOSTILL™ 1500).
  • Thermal power between 70 and 150 kWh/m3 of treated raw effluent.
  • Production of a re-useable distillate and concentrate ready for disposal.
  • Machine Size: from 4 m² (ECOSTILL™ 400) to 30 m² (ECOSTILL™ 3800) and 2.5 m high.

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